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In the midst of grieving a loved one’s passing, the added financial pressure of arranging traditional funeral services can often be overwhelming. With the UK’s average funeral expenses averaging around £4,800, such costs can compound an already distressing situation. At Newrest Funerals, our principle is clear: paying tribute to a dearly departed should not be overshadowed by financial strains. Standing firmly on our pillars of respect, dignity, and affordability, we are proud to present our direct cremation services in Lancashire, all at the transparent rate of £895, ensuring there are no hidden fees or unexpected charges.

Direct Cremation in Lancashire

Direct Cremation in Lancashire

Direct Cremation in Lancashire

A Direct cremation service offers a simple yet deeply respectful means of farewell, free from the customary gathering of mourners. Conducted at our handpicked regional crematoria, we ensure that every individual is treated with utmost respect and reverence. Such a service offers families the flexibility to subsequently hold private and unique memorial ceremonies, perhaps centred around the symbolic scattering or preservation of ashes.

Setting Forth on Your Personal Journey

To initiate a direct cremation in Lancashire, our digital platform is designed for ease and clarity. A brief questionnaire provides an immediate, no-commitment estimate. Those seeking more direct interaction can always connect with our compassionate team at 0800 111 4971 for guidance and understanding.

The Comprehensive £895 Package

Our inclusive offering, set at £895, encompasses the sensitive collection of the departed from any hospital or mortuary across England or Wales, ensuring their careful transport to our regional crematoria. For collections from private residences or care establishments, an additional fee of £250 is applicable, guaranteeing our team’s round-the-clock availability.

In line with Newrest Funerals’ commitment to eco-sensitivity, we provide sustainable wooden coffins, each meticulously fashioned by established British craftsmen. Prioritising open dialogue, we keep you informed of the cremation’s designated time and date, affording a space for private contemplation. Following the procedure, ashes can be dispersed within our peaceful Garden of Remembrance or handed over in an environmentally-friendly urn, which comes with a personalised nameplate, available for an extra fee of £91.




Crafting Personal Memorial Services

Although the direct cremation option does not include traditional venues, it gifts families the autonomy to craft a special memorial gathering at a subsequent time, possibly aligning with a date of particular meaning or a chosen season.

Economical, Yet Soulful Memorials

By selecting direct cremation, families can circumvent the often steep costs associated with conventional funeral events, such as venue bookings, floral displays, and refreshments. Our emphasis remains unswervingly on the fundamental aspects, ensuring a touching yet budget-friendly homage.

Advancing Forward

If the ethos of direct cremation aligns with your sentiments or should you have additional inquiries, we encourage you to liaise with our proficient team. Contact us at 0800 111 4971 or communicate through [email protected].

Enduring Grief in Lancashire

Amidst the emotional whirlwind, it’s comforting to know that Lancashire boasts a range of bereavement support networks, all ready and willing to guide you through the complexities of mourning.

Engaging With Us

At Newrest Funerals, our unwavering dedication is to support and guide you during these poignant times. Connect with us at 0800 111 4971; our commitment is to ensure solace and understanding during these significant life transitions.