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In moments of deep sorrow, confronting the monetary demands of a traditional funeral, currently averaging £4,800 in the UK, can intensify the heartache. At Newrest Funerals, our guiding philosophy asserts that the act of remembering a loved one should not be overshadowed by monetary concerns. Championing principles of honesty, respect, and affordability, we proudly offer our direct cremation services in Warwickshire, transparently priced at £895, devoid of hidden fees or unforeseen surcharges.

Direct Cremation in Warwickshire

Direct Cremation in Warwickshire

Direct Cremation in Warwickshire

Direct cremation stands as a simplified yet dignified means of parting, absent the conventional assembly of mourners. Performed at our chosen regional crematoria, every departed soul is bestowed the utmost care and reverence. Distancing itself from standard funeral rites, this method grants families the autonomy to later organize heartfelt memorial services, many of which culminate in the poignant act of ash scattering or preservation.

Commencing Your Tailored Journey

For residents of Warwickshire contemplating direct cremation, we have instituted an online procedure for ease. A brief online inquiry yields an immediate, no-commitment quotation. Alternatively, for those seeking human touch during such delicate times, our empathetic team remains available at 0800 111 4971.

All-Encompassing £895 Package

Our inclusive fee of £895 ensures the respectful gathering of your beloved from any hospital or mortuary within England or Wales, transitioning them gracefully to our regional crematoria. For collections necessitated from personal dwellings or hospices, an auxiliary fee of £250 is applied, guaranteeing the 24/7 presence of our devoted staff.

Aligning with Newrest Funerals’ sustainable ethos, we furnish environmentally-friendly wooden coffins, meticulously handcrafted by renowned British craftsmen. Valuing transparent dialogue, we apprise families of the scheduled date and time of the cremation, allowing for personal moments of tribute. Upon completion, you can opt for ash scattering in our tranquil Garden of Remembrance or their return in an eco-sensitive urn, accentuated with an engraved nameplate, available at an added expense of £91.



Sculpting Individualistic Memorial Events

While the direct cremation framework omits conventional funeral components, it empowers families to craft memorable commemorative occasions at a venue and time of personal significance.

Cost-Conscious Yet Honourable Send-Offs

Embracing direct cremation enables families to sidestep the substantial outlays commonly tethered to traditional funeral events, inclusive of venue charges, floral commemorations, and related outgoings. Our strategy accentuates the essential elements, ensuring a venerable goodbye without financial strain.

Wishing to Explore Further?

Should the principles of direct cremation resonate with your sensibilities, or if you’re on the lookout for supplementary details, our knowledgeable team stands ready to help. You’re warmly invited to get in touch at 0800 111 4971 or drop us an email at [email protected].

Navigating Grief in Warwickshire

In these emotionally charged times, it’s comforting to acknowledge that Warwickshire boasts an array of bereavement support structures, all prepared to aid families through their emotional odyssey.

Our Dedication to You

Newrest Funerals is unwavering in its dedication to serve during these pivotal junctures. Reachable at 0800 111 4971, we are here to assist with compassion and expertise.