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Amid the grief of losing a loved one, families often grapple with the mounting expenses of traditional funerals, which, on average, is pegged at £4,800 within the UK. At Newrest Funerals, we steadfastly hold that commemorating a life should not be entangled with financial hardships. Anchored in values of transparency, dignity, and cost-effectiveness, we are pleased to present our direct cremation services in Wiltshire at a forthright fee of £895, devoid of concealed expenses or unexpected add-ons.

Direct Cremation in Wiltshire

Direct Cremation in Wiltshire

Direct Cremation in Wiltshire

Direct cremation emerges as a minimalist yet dignified manner to bid adieu, absent of the usual gathering of mourners. Conducted at our handpicked regional crematoria, we ensure that each individual receives the highest standards of care and respect. This alternative to customary funeral events provides families with the flexibility to later arrange intimate memorial services, often culminating in the heartfelt dispersion or preservation of ashes.

Initiating Your Bespoke Experience

For those in Wiltshire contemplating a direct cremation, our streamlined online system offers convenience. With a brief online interaction, you can swiftly obtain a straightforward, obligation-free quote. For those who prefer a more personal touch during such tender moments, our caring team is at hand at 0800 111 4971.

Inclusive £895 Offering

The unambiguous fee of £895 covers the dignified collection of your cherished one from any hospital or mortuary across England or Wales, facilitating their respectful transit to our regional crematoria. If retrievals are essential from private residences or care institutions, an extra charge of £250 is applicable, ensuring the round-the-clock availability of our dedicated team.

In line with Newrest Funerals’ commitment to sustainability, we proffer eco-conscious wooden coffins, masterfully crafted by esteemed British artisans. Prioritising open communication, families are duly informed of the intended date and hour of the cremation, permitting a personal space for reflection. Following the cremation, you can opt to disperse the ashes in our calm Garden of Remembrance or receive them housed in an eco-friendly urn, adorned with an engraved nameplate, accessible for an additional £91.




Fashioning Personalised Memorial Observances

While direct cremation forgoes the elements of traditional funerals, it gifts families the liberty to design bespoke remembrance ceremonies at a suitable date and locale of their choosing.

Affordable Yet Respectful Partings

Opting for direct cremation circumvents the considerable expenses commonly attached to age-old funeral protocols, inclusive of venue fees, floral tributes, and ancillary costs. Our modus operandi emphasises core essentials, facilitating an esteemed departure without the financial burden.

Keen to Discover More?

If the facets of direct cremation align with your beliefs or if you’re seeking additional insights, our experienced cadre is primed to assist. Connect with us at 0800 111 4971 or drop an email at [email protected].

Bereavement Support in Wiltshire

In these emotionally testing periods, it’s consoling to recognise that Wiltshire is home to multiple bereavement support networks, ready to guide families through their grief journey.

Our Pledge to You

Newrest Funerals remains unyielding in its resolve to be a beacon of support during these profound life moments. Reachable at 0800 111 4971, we’re ceaselessly here to serve with empathy and professionalism.