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Can You Have a Funeral Without a Service?

Yes, here at Newrest Funerals we can arrange a funeral for you without there being any need for a service whatsoever. There are many unattended funerals arranged each year in the UK these days. So, if it is something you would like to explore – including whether or not you’d like a slimmed-down service rather than no service at all – then our skilled professionals are on hand to provide you with expert advice. As a close-knit team with lots of experience, you can trust us to work out a plan that will suit your preferences

By talking to professionals, like us, you will be much better informed about what to expect from a funeral without a service. Then you can make a decision on which way to proceed without worrying that you have made an ill-informed choice or one that you may later regret.

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Of course, there are many different reasons that people choose to have a funeral without a service. You can rest assured that here at Newrest Funerals we won’t make any judgements about your decision to book a funeral with no service. Indeed, you don’t need to tell us your reasons for doing so unless you want to. If you ask us to arrange a direct funeral – which is how such unattended funerals are usually referred to – then we will be happy to do so with no further questions. That said, many of our clients explain to us why they want a direct funeral arrangement because it will help us to work out what to do about any of their other requirements.

For example, some people say they want a direct burial or cremation because they are not yet emotionally or psychologically ready to stage a service with a eulogy, readings and the other traditional aspects of a funeral service. Under such circumstances, it might be that an unattended funeral is appropriate to deal with the deceased’s body while a service in remembrance of them can be arranged for a month or two down the line. We have a great deal of experience to share with both celebration of life services and memorial services, both of which traditionally follow sometime after funerals themselves.

Equally, at Newrest Funerals, we are sometimes asked to come up with the lowest-cost option for a funeral. Ones that have no officiant or even the need to hire a venue for the service will be the least expensive option you could choose. If this is something you want, then we can certainly arrange it for you. Of course, when people plan their own funeral arrangements, they may stipulate they want no service so that the money saved can be passed on or given to a good cause instead. Certainly, this is not unusual in Britain today. So, if you would like to make your funeral plan with us in advance and you choose to have no service, then we can ensure your wishes are met in full when the time comes.