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Can You Organise Your Own Funeral?

To be clear, yes, you can organise your own funeral if you want. In fact, here at Newrest Funerals, we help people all over the country to do exactly that. Please note that you don’t have to be in ill health or expect that the time may soon come when you will pass on to plan a funeral for yourself. You can do so at any time. So long as you are an adult and want to make the arrangements, we will be able to help with all of the different aspects of modern funeral planning.

So, whether you would like a traditional funeral with a horse-drawn hearse, a more modern celebration of life service, a religious funeral or a secular one, we are on hand to provide our industry expertise and thoughtful planning service. What is involved?

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To begin with, our caring team of funeral industry professionals are very well used to helping people plan the funerals of loved ones and themselves. Either way, we take a similar approach. This means that we offer advice and guidance only. In other words, we do not tell our clients what to do, what they should include in their funeral plans or what they should leave out. You are in charge of the sort of funeral you would like to arrange from start to finish. Our role is to help you find the best way to include everything you want in the way you want it within any budgetary constraints you may be under. As experts in our field, our advice can be invaluable when planning funerals of all types.

Indeed, at Newrest Funerals, our guidance is completely independent. This way, you’ll know that when we make a recommendation, it is because we think that is the best option given your priorities, not because of any financial relationships we have with any service providers. To be clear, this is because we don’t have any – all of our advice is yours to take or leave as you see fit and completely impartial.

So, if you would like to organise an eco-funeral in a mushroom suit for yourself when the time comes, we can assist. Equally, if you would like to be buried at sea or to have a coffin prepared in the colours of your favourite team, we are on hand to guide you. Perhaps your preference will be for a funeral in a particularly scenic location or at home with a garden burial, for instance. Our service means being able to make these preferences a reality and for your funeral plan to be followed in full when the time comes.

Finally, here at Newrest Funerals, we also offer pre-payment plans as well as a professional funeral planning service. Therefore, if you want to plan your funeral and also pay for it in handy monthly instalments that make the plan affordable, we can also assist. Please note that with one of our pre-payment plans, paying for your funeral will be at today’s prices – not what the cost might be when you eventually pass on. Given the inflationary pressures that surround numerous funeral costs these days, this aspect of advance funeral planning can be very reassuring.