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When you turn to Newrest Funerals’ compassionate and close-knit team to put together a bespoke funeral plan for you, there are a number of different costs to take into consideration. Of course, the more elements that you add into your overall package, the more the funeral will cost. What our service provides isn’t simply the opportunity to manage all the disparate elements that go into a funeral today at what can be a troubling time following the death of a loved one, but the chance to do so on a budget. To be clear, that budget could be generous or it could be much more modest. Either way, our service will help you to allocate your resources in the most cost-effective manner possible for the sort of funeral you’d like.

Therefore, Newrest Funerals does not offer a single price for a cremation service or a one-off price for a burial. Nor are there tiered prices for funeral arrangements, such as the gold, silver and copper standards offered by some in the funeral industry. Whether you want to limit your expenditure or have several thousand pounds to budget, we will deal with you with all of the respect and understanding that you deserve.

Consequently, it is more helpful to outline the basic forms that a funeral can take in the UK today. On top of this, you are free to choose how many additional services you’d like and the approximate price of each. At the lower end of the scale are direct funerals. These are also called unattended funerals because no mourners may be present at them. You’ll need to appoint funeral directors for such plans. The fee for a cremation, including the use of a local crematorium is £995. A burial is charged at £550 for the funeral directors’ fees alone. The cost of a burial plot and for a grave to be dug varies greatly depending on the particular location.

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If you would prefer to know the costs associated with a more traditional funeral service, then the first thing to take on board is that funeral directors fees for the type of service you are planning will cost £2,100. Please note this cost is made up from the legal matters and administration includes bringing the deceased person from where they currently are to the funeral directors’ premises, care of the deceased person, a coffin, visiting the deceased if desired and a mutually agreed date and time of the funeral. On top of the funeral directors fees would be disbursements made up of Cemetery or Crematorium fees, An officiant to take the service and Doctors fees if applicable. 

Typically, taking the deceased to the funeral venue will be charged at £395. More will be charged if you want a horse-drawn hearse or some other special arrangements to be made. Collecting and delivering the deceased person’s cremated remains costs £55. As you can see, the overall cost can soon mount which is why our bespoke service can be so useful so you can prioritise your spending.

Please note that although every funeral is different, our price list remains the same – or very similar – throughout the UK. If arranging the sort of funeral you would really like seems unaffordable, then Newrest Funerals can help. Our payment plans will allow you to book the sort of service you want and settle all of the bills with a straightforward monthly transaction. Please feel free to ask us about this service or any of the charges levied for modern British funerals. We’ll happily answer your questions.