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While Newrest Funerals provide a range of religious options for funerals, we can offer a Christian funeral to anyone who wants one. We have arranged Christian funerals across the UK for committed church-goers and those with a more relaxed faith. Our caring team can make all arrangements whether Church of England, Catholic, non-conformist or any other branch of Christianity. In short, we can meet a wide range of beliefs with compassion and care. 

A Christian burial once upon a time had specific rites associated with it, including – very important in the past – burial in consecrated ground with a priest present to conduct death rites. Consequently, cremation was considered objectionable as it was believed to interfere with resurrection and was not widely practised as a Christian funeral method until the modern-day. Nowadays, it is down to personal beliefs and ultimately preference for how your earthly remains are treated after passing. Depending on your beliefs, both cremation and burial are appropriate options for a Christian end to life.

Christian Direct Funerals

A direct funeral offers a straightforward and low-cost option for burial or cremation. The simplicity comes from having no service or mourners attending while only incorporating necessary specifications expected by law. It is low fuss and passes the death of a loved one quietly, allowing the family to celebrate their life’s fullness rather than gathering to mark their passing. This funeral choice is more popular now than traditional options as it has minimal fuss and is low-cost.

With the increasing popularity of direct funerals, one may wonder how the lack of ceremony and readings can align with the Christian faith; however, there is no reason why the two cannot align, depending on which branch of Christianity you adhere to. Simplicity may be ideal for those who practice faith without focusing on the material world, along with those who want to consider more simple, affordable, or minimal-fuss options for either cremation or burial. 

When it comes to passing, it’s important for many people to incorporate their Christian faith into proceedings, but that looks different to each person. For example, some may simply want hymns sung, others a bible verse read, others to have verses written and placed in their casket. Some feel it’s vital to be laid to rest by a vicar, priest, or pastor, while others may simply want a loved one or another member of their faith to speak. No matter which option is best, we can accommodate and ensure that the deceased’s final details will be enacted for a proper direct Christian funeral. 

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Our compassion-based funerals are the same for both traditional and direct. Our Newrest team arranges every aspect of a direct funeral with the utmost dignity and consideration for the deceased while helping the family through what is likely to be a challenging time. Funeral arrangements may seem overwhelming during bereavement, so with this in mind, we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to help you through.